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GODDESS OF THE SKY is a documentary about Lhakpa Sherpa, a single Nepali American mother of three who holds the world record for most ascents of Mt. Everest - but that is only a part of her incredible life. Although she was called the "Queen of the Mountain", she still suffered terrible physical abuse at the hands of her husband - a Mt. Everest expedition leader who threatened to kill her, their daughters and himself if she ever left him. It took her a decade to finally free herself from the situation and, during the process, she came to the United States and worked three jobs to provide for her children - as a cashier at 7-11, a housekeeper, and dishwasher at Whole Foods. Nobody knew that the, "immigrant worker" in front of them held several Guinness World Records for climbing. They knew her as simply Lhakpa, "the housekeeper."

Lhakpa is now divorced and a legal resident of the U.S. on the path to citizenship, and she is ready to tell her story and return to Mt. Everest to break her own world record.

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