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Pink & Blue is and emotional journey that takes us through the lives of women, and men, who are dealing with genetic mutations (BRCA 1 and 2) and their related hereditary cancers. We meet the doctaors and their patients who make the tough decisions on whether to have preventative surgeries or not. Director Alan M. Blassberg tells the story of how this disease ripped his family apart and what he must face as a BRCA 2 positive male. The film highlights the message that men carry this mutation half the time, and that lack of information is deadly. A higher percentage of men with breast cancer die from it than women.

Dr. Kristi Funk, MD, Angelina Jolie’s surgeon, speaks passionately about the need for awareness, and thus the prevention. We also meet those who ultimately didn’t survive, speaking in the hope that their passing will help save the lives of others.

The theatrical world premiere started at the Laemmle Theatre in Beverly Hills, California and also at the AMC 25 in Times Square, NY. The documentary played to enthusiastic crowds throughout the United States, Canada and England, winning several awards. It also qualified for Oscars in two categories.

Since October 2015, the film has screened throughout the U.S. and internationally from Montreal to London at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema. It won Best Documentary at the Women's Independent Film Festival, honorable mention for Best Documentary at the Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival, the Excellence Award at the Rincon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico, and was an official selection at the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

Pink & Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer was released December 1st throughout the United States and Canada via iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. The film continues to screen throughout the states and privately at top medical institutions. Future international theatrical showings include France and Israel.